Shipibo Jagua Juice - 100% pure, wild-crafted

Shipibo Jagua Juice - 100% pure, wild-crafted

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Straight outta the Peruvian Amazon!!

Jagua (pronounce Ya-gwa or Ha-gwa), the juice of an edible Amazonian fruit (Latin name Genipa Americana), has been used for centuries (millennia perhaps) by the indigenous tribes of South and Central America as a traditional body adornment. We are beyond excited to have sourced this amazing natural dye for you, which stains the skin a dark blue for 1-3 weeks. 

  • Sourced directly from a Shipibo community by the Ucayali River in the Peruvian Amazon. 
  • Juice is made to order - the fruits are not processed until we order it, so this is the very freshest jagua juice you can get, short of picking the fruits yourself.
  • Unpasteurized pure juice - you are not paying for anything other than just pure jagua. No thickeners, no fillers,  no fragrances, no chemical dyes.
  • Wild-crafted fruit, this large rainforest tree is not treated with pesticides or other substances. In fact, it is not grown on a farm at all, it's wild fruit foraged directly from deep in the forest.
  • You are supporting the preservation of ancient forests by purchasing this product. Previously, the Shipibo were selling the jagua trees (it's a type of ironwood, which is valuable as a hardwood) to logging companies, now they are more valuable alive. 

How to use this product:

Jagua juice can be applied with a paintbrush just as it is. It can also be mixed with a gel medium such as xanthan gum to make your own jagua gel. We like to mix it with henna powder to make a very easy to use, incredibly dark staining paste. Check out our J-cone recipe, or buy our convenient home-made J-cones.


Because jagua is made from an unripe tropical fruit, it has naturally occurring enzymes which may cause irritation in some individuals. Jagua is a type of berry, so people with berry or kiwi allergies should not use this fruit. If irritation occurs, you should immediately discontinue the use of jagua to avoid further discomfort. Avoid excessive exposure to heat (such as sauna or jacuzzi) alcohol, and drug-use, which has been associated with increased irritation factor. 

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