Nüd Ink - Never Under Dressed

We are thrilled to announce our ongoing collaboration with Nüd Ink - metallic body accents. While a lot of other companies offer "flash tattoos", we are proud of our unique patterns, which were all drawn by Darcy for a hand-crafted look - no clip art ever.  Nüd Ink Tattoos are perfect for henna parties, the beach (yes, they're waterproof!), music festivals,  and anywhere you might want to flash a little skin.  Just apply, shine, and get Nüd! 

Based in Yelapa Mexico and Oakland California, Nüd Ink has a cult following amongst models, bloggers, yoga students and wanderlusters everywhere. Pop a pack or two in your bag to wear and share wherever you go.  Our "Nüdists" can be spotted wearing Nüd Ink from the chilled out beaches of Tulum to the glam resorts of Dubai, and everywhere in between. 

"Sundara" Nüd Ink Tattoos - 4 Sheets
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